Saloonaat: A Think Tank for Inclusive Islam

“Saloonaat” is a historic Islamic term for the modern salon, referring to a place where people gathered to discuss ideas during the Golden Age of Islam (800-1300 C.E.). At MECCA Institute, Saloonaat will be a think tank that focuses on contemporary issues facing Muslims in the western hemisphere. Recognizing that knowledge is a source of power benefiting both individuals and society at large, MECCA Institute’s collaboration of Islamic scholars, religious leaders, and social activists focus on short and long term research; assessments of contemporary issues; and balanced evaluations and responses to oppression, radicalism and social injustices that demand ethical and modern Quranic analysis.

Major topic areas will include:

Theology – the systematic and rational study of Islamic beliefs, theory, and traditions

Social Justice – Quran-inspired approaches to economic inclusion and political representation

Anti-Oppression – reshaping approaches to issues of identity, privilege, and socio-political power

Gender and Sexual Rights – building an equitable and inclusive Islamic practice for Muslims worldwide


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